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Doll Clothes ~ Caveman Outfit for 16" Bam-Bam

Set includes the pants, wrap around, bone, club and cap. The outfit is in a soft brush cotton animal print. The wrap fastens in back with a snap and the strap fastens in front with a snap. The bone can be worn in the little slot on the strap or removed for Bam Bam to hold. The slip on pants have elastic at the waist and leg openings. The club is in a slate green tone and somewhat flexible to squeeze into his hand. The cap matches the outfit with a little black pom-pom on top. Item BB16-101305B84. Price $24.95

Doll Clothes ~ Club for 16" Bam Bam Dolls

Designed and created for you by Jan of Jans Doll Closet. The club fits his hand. Not much to say about it. He needs a club! Item BB16-070410B884. Price $14.99


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