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I am not an expert... but I'll do my best to put a large selection of dolls on this page that may help you in your search to identify your doll.

The value of the doll after the description is an estimate only
– to give you an idea what your doll could possibly be worth.

Tiny Tears ® (1982-1985) Ideal

This is an Ideal Tiny Tears 14" doll.
14" One-piece vinyl body, inset blue eyes, bisque skin color, rooted or molded hair, long lashes, two middle fingers of left hand curled under to palm, first tow fingers of right hand molded to thumb, dressed in short dress, came with bottle: drinks, wets, and cries. Marks: 1971 Ideal (in an oval on head): © 1971 IDEAL TOY CORP./TNT-14-S-34 (on body). Catalog #1367-2, #1364-9. Black version also available. $30.00

Betsy Wetsy:

This is a 8" Betsy Wetsy.
Betsy Wetsy is a name many people recognize due to the fact that the name Betsy Wetsy was used on Ideal dolls from 1937 through the 1980's. Over the years the doll went through so many transformations she often didn’t look like the same doll from one version to the next. Some of the dolls were called Betsy Wetsy while others were given variations of Betsy’s name like Little Betsy Wetsy, Tearie Betsy Wetsy, Betsy Baby Big Baby Betsy Wetsy and Tiny Betsy Wetsy. Betsy Wetsy dolls ranged in sizes from 8" to 25".
Value: $50.00 - 200.00

Little Miss Echo:

This is a 30" Little Miss Echo.
With the help of a continuous magnetic tape inside her, Little Miss Echo repeats whatever is said to her when the knob on her chest is turned. She came in different sizes, different hair colors and styles, and was issued in several different dresses. The doll is marked: “PAT. PEND” on the battery compartment cover on her stomach.
Value: MIB: $225.00 - 275.00.
Value: In original outfit $125.00 -150.00.

Toodles by American Character

This is a 25" Toodles.
Toodles came in either 25" or 30" and was issued in several different outfits. Marked: “AMERICAN DOLL & TOY CORP./19©60" on her head.
Value: $200.00 - 300.00

Tiny Tears

This is a 15" Tiny Tears
Tiny Tears came in several sizes and are marked “AMERICAN CHARACTER or PAT. NO. 2,675,644/AME. CHARACTER or AMERICAN CHARACTER DOLL/PAT. NO. 2,675,644 or AMER. CHARACTER” on the back of her head.
Value: $75.00 - 200.00

Perfect Patient -- 13 ½ Inches

Valentine Dolls, Inc. - USA. VS-15-66 V.
Value: Unknown
(I am not sure this is the right name for this doll)

Bye-Bye Baby (1960) Ideal

25" All vinyl, sized to look like a six-month-old with realistically sculpted fingers and toes, all vinyl, fully jointed, molded painted brown hair, blue or yellowish brown sleep eyes, drinks and wets, came with snowsuite or kimono and blanket, comes in car seat with tray, has a sevenpiece layette set of nightgown, blanket, diaper, washcloth, booties, soap and regulation size infant's bottle. Marks: IDEAL TOY CORP./L25NB (on head); IDEAL TOY COPR./NB 25 (on back.
Value $300.00


Gerber Baby: This doll was available as a premium sometime around 1966-1967. Because the doll’s look wasn’t too appealing, the doll was discontinued after a brief time. This 14" Gerber Baby is marked, “©Gerber Products Co./1966" on head.
Value: $75.00- 125.00.

Little Miss No Name:
15" doll originally came dressed in a burlap dress and had a teardrop falling from her eye. It is common to find the teardrop missing from these dolls, so when present it adds about $20.00 to the value. The doll is marked on her head, “©1965 HASBRO©”. With teardrop and original dress: $90.00 - 125.00

My Friend Mandy, My Friend Jenny, My Friend Mikey
In 1973 Fisher Price introduced the My Friend line. Although catalogs listed the dolls as being 16", they measure closer to 15 ½”. My Friend Mandy was the first dollin the line followed by My Friend Jenny. In 1981 My Friend Becky and My Friend Mikey joined the other My Friend dolls. Mandy is marked, “20141/©1976/FISHER PRICE” on her head and tagged, “Fisher-Price Toys/East Aurora, N.Y./210/ASSEMBLED IN MEXICO” on her body. Jenny is marked “23088/FISHER-PRICE-TOYS/ ©1976" on her head. Markings may vary on dolls.
Value: $25.00 - 40.00.

Gum Drop:
Available in many styles, Gum Drop dolls are listed by most references as either 14" or 16" yet these doll measure 15". Gum Drop was available starting in 1963 and still being shown in Effanbee catalogs in 1972. Gum Drop is marked “©1962/EFFANBEE” on her head.
Value: Redressed: $20.00 - 35.00

Suzy Cute:
A 7" doll that drinks and wets. She originally came packaged strapped and sealed inside a plastic crib. Suzy Cute is marked, DELUXE REDDING CORP./©1964/268/GX” on her back.
Value: Doll with crib: $25.00 - 40.00
Value: Doll alone: $15.00 -20.00

This is the 18" Kewpie by Cameo (the ham in the midddle!)
The 18" Kewpie doll uses the same pin-jointed body as Miss Peep. Like Miss Peep, the doll is marked “CAMEO©” on the head and back and has letters and digits on the under portion of the torso.
Value: Nude $50.00 - 75.00

Miss Peep:
This is an
18" Miss Peep is vinyl with molded hair and beautiful inset eyes. Her unique shoulder pin-joints allows her arms to rotate completely around as well as move back and forth. Her leg joints allow a back-and-forth movement. This doll was also available in a smaller size. She is marked “CAMEO©” on her head and back and has letters and digits on the under portion of her torso. In 1973 Miss Peep was sold through the Montgomery Ward catalog under the name Baby Wendy (unmarked).
Value: Nude: $85.00 - 125.00.

Betsy McCall
This is an 8" American Character Betsy McCall
Although several different companies made Betsy McCall dolls in various sizes, the most popular one was American Character’s delicate 8" hard plastic Betsy. 8" Betsy McCall is marked, “McCALL©CORP.” in a circle on her back.
Value: $75.00 - 125.00

Betsy McCall 14" by American Character

Most Aimee dolls have a flaw where the vinyl reacted to the material in her dress which turned the vinyl green or white on the arms, neck, and sometimes under the chin. Aimee is marked, “HASBRO INC./©1972" on her head.
Value: All original/no discoloration: $25.00 - 40.00.

Purdy Doll makes a face when you press his tummy

Baby Boo In Orginal Clothing

Horsman Mary Poppins 11 inches

Yardly Cissette

Tiny Swingy by Mattel

Newborn Thumbelina

Dy-Dee Baby

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