Pink Ballerina Outfit for 12”Takara Blythe Dolls

Set includes the tutu, panties, headband, shoes Item Number B12-100219B107 Price $19.95

White Cotton Under Panties for 12” Takara Blythe Dolls

These slip-on under panties have an elastic waist with lace trim leg openings. Item B12-093019B107
Price $2.95

Red Plaid Jean Set for 12” Takara Blythe Dolls

Designed and created for you by Jans Doll Closet . This set includes the blouse, hat, pants and shoes. The short sleeve blouse has three layers of plaid ruffles. The blouse fastens in back with snaps. The slip on pants are in soft blue jean material. The hat matches the jeans. The shoes are black slip ons. Item Number B12-100319B107. Price $24.95

3 inch waist panties fit all Blythe dolls

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