12" Samantha the Bewitching Doll Clothes Clothing from Jans Doll Closet


Doll Clothes ~ Red Sparkle Dress For 12" Ideal Samantha Stevens Doll

Set includes, dress, panties, shoes, hat and broom. The outfit is a copy of her original dress. The strapless dress has a scalloped hem line and scalloped across her chest. Dress fastens in back with snaps. The hat is a witches hat from the same sparkle fabric as the dress which is felt. The matching shoes are hand sewn to the shape of her feet and slip on. The panties have elastic at the waist and lace trimmed leg opening. The broom is the finishing touch! Item S12-0606610B7. Price $28.00

Doll Clothes ~ White Stretch Lace Tube Undergarment for 12" Ideal Samantha Dolls

Designed and created in the USA for you by Jans Doll Closet. This one piece slip on stretch tube undergarment will protect her body and it is pretty too. Item S12-090512B07. Price $9.99


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