18" Composition Shirley Temple

21" Baby Genius

14" Ideal Tiny Thumbelina

18" Vogue Welcome Home Baby (this will fit Baby Dear too)

18" Horsman Poor Pitiful Pearl

31" Uneeda Pollyanna

updated print for 14" Berenguer Babies Dolls

32" Uneeda Wispy Walker

12" Vogue Baby Dear

20" Ideal Thumbelina

So-o-o Big Thumbelina 24"

15-16" Tiny Tears

12" MGA Entertainment Big Bratz Babyz

14" Ideal Baby Lucy (Real Live Lucy)

14" Ideal Little Lucy Dolls

18" Horsman Thirstee Baby

27" Thirstee Baby Walker

1983 Ideal 16" Betsy Wetsy

22" Eegee Georgette

30" American Character Little Miss Echo

Irwin 14" Lil' Makin Faces

29" Miss Ideal Twist

21" American Character Straight Leg Toodles Toddler

9" Ideal Tearie Dearie

Dresses for 35-36" Patti Playpal, these dresses also fit Betsy McCall, Shirley Temple, Princess Peggy and other playpal dolls

Irwin 17 Anne Of Green Gables

10" Effanbee Tiny Tubber

14" Ideal Snoozie (this also fits 14" Thumbelina, and other soft body dolls of this size)

20" Pussy Cat 1977 Doll

Ideal Nursery 16" Betsy Wetsy 1989

24" Deluxe Reading Suzy Smart

15.5" American Character Tiny Tears

15" Effanbee Dy-Dee Baby

17.5" Dy-Dee

8126HK 10" Baby Doll Romper

Mattel 11" Tiny Baby Tender Love

Vogue 11" Littlest Angel

Ideal 20" Real Live Lucy

World of Wonder 21.5" Pamela

17" Sun Rubber Bottle Baby

Ideal 26" Miss Ideal Twist

12" Ideal Teeny Tiny Kissy


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